Congratulations you are ENGAGED!!!....
 Now what?  This set of questions is developed to help you start the wheals turning when it comes to your wedding.   It will also help decide what direction you want to go in as far as size, style and type of wedding that you would like.  It will also help me get to know you and better gear my services towards your needs.
 There are no wrong answers it is all purely discovery!  Cuddle up and start clicking!
Nice to Meet you! I'm Laureen, What is your name?

What is your partners name?

How did you meet?

How long have you been dating/ together ?

Any kids?

Any pets?

Are you living together?

How did he propose?

Were you surprised?

Have you picked a Wedding Date?

Do you have big families?

Do you have a lot of friends?

Do you want a grand wedding?

Do you see yourself doing a very small and private wedding?

Are you spiritual or religious?

Do you have  any ideas in mind?

Do you like trendy  modern / or  traditional  classic?

Have you looked at dresses and suits?

Have you looked at photographers?

Have you looked at venues?

Have you booked a venue?

Have you looked at cake baker?

Have you looked at florists?

Have you looked at dj/ band/ music for ceremony?

Have you thought of décor?

Have you thought of limo/ transportation?

Would you like to have a themed wedding ?

Would you like to have a wedding with just a few colors that you like?

Would you like to have very simple white wedding?

Would you consider eloping?  Why?

Would you consider a destination wedding? Why?

Do you have a budget in mind?

Who is funding the wedding?

Do you want an open bar? Why?

Do you want a formal / traditional evening ?

Would  you consider an morning /afternoon wedding  and reception?  Short and sweet. Start at 12 noon done by 6 pm?

How important is the natural aesthetic of the venue?  1 not important  10 extremely important.

How important is the reputation of the venue? 1 not important  10 extremely important

How important is the food? 1 not important 10 extremely important

How important is the photographer? 1 not important  10  extremely important

Would you be just fine with fake flowers?

Would you be just fine with centerpieces that don’t have flowers in them at all?

Do you want your wedding to be unique?  If yes, in what way?

How soon do you want to be married?

How much time do you have to plan a wedding given your current schedule of work, school and other obligations?

Can we call or text you?  What is your phone number?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.  I will reply to you with some suggestions within 48 hours.  Does that sound good?

What is a good day for us to meet in person  for a free consultation?

Thanks for completing this typeform
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